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Dear friends,
We are now open for the 2019 season , since April 13th .
This year brings a lot to Hotel Evropi and I can tell you , the hotel looks greater than ever!

1. First of all we have new anatomic - extra quality mattresses that you will sure love.
These mattresses now lay on the top of the bed so that they can be united to provide a double mattress (they can be united with zipper !) .
Now all rooms in the hotel are equipped with high quality anatomic mattresses.
We have also changed the pillows in all the rooms with this new extra fine pillow that I personally love.

2. New locks and door handles in the new (east) building (room numbers starting from 3 and 4) .
Following the change of locks and door handles in the old building, we changed the locks and door handles in the new building. Now doors open very smoothly and you can lock your apartment while you are out.

3. Stuco of swimming pool tiles has been replaced. The pool looks great and I expect it to be more easy to maintain. Also the estate behind the pool has been cleaned out , as you can notice in the photo , and this means that the fence of high canes has gone away , and the pool will be more shiny at afternoon hours. Also I like more the view with the olive trees.

4. Our internet ADSL lines have been upgraded to 5x times speed and we expect this change to cover the bandwidth needs of the hotel.

5. We are also doing a lot of changes in the Kitchen,- let me tell you one of it - it is pizza - but let's leave some information out as a surprise !

There are still available apartments to book , and this year we are also more friendly with our prices ! Remember to email us at E-mail: to get a nice price for your stay.

See you soon!