2013-06-05 13:59
Made the Hotel Evropi site a little wider , because I put a facebook like box..Hey ! Where is your Face?
2013-05-14 12:38
For 15th year , we continue our cooperation with Finnish Travel Agency Aurinkomatkat. For 2014 season you can book your vacation in Hotel Evropi through travel Agency Aurinkomatkat and of course by contacting us.We always guarantee high quality hotel services that combined with the professionalism...
2013-04-12 14:32
Internet prices for 2013 are:1 week 15 eur (used to be 18)2 weeks 25 eur (used to be 30)2 hours 3 eur (used to be 4)
2013-04-12 14:09
Hello Evropi friends!April is on , and so Hotel Evropi is starting off its' engines.We picked up the olives (making a fantastic colour extra virgin olive oil - "αγουρόλαδο"), Kostas and Chrysa explored Gavdos island , and as in every year , we decided to add some more features to our Hotel...
2012-10-24 13:40
Famous Mr and Mrs Katsoulis --> I wish someone could send us a copy of this page in pdf or whatever so we can translate ...
2012-09-19 17:47
Very glad to announce that I am beginning redesigning Hotel Evropi Site.First step was to create a Hotel Evropi Page on Facebook .So come on friend us to always keep in touch with hotel's news..!
2012-09-09 13:13
New pictures of all rooms are being added to hotel evropi plan .
2012-08-08 15:59
Hey, do you know that Hotel Evropi now has it's own tv station?Yes that's right we proved many times before that hotel evropi is technologically innovative , but this one application is a prototype.You can see Hotel Evropi's TV channel on channel 1 in your hotel evropi room tv.For now, it broad...
2011-12-15 11:51
Take a look at the brand new building plan page of hotel evropi.Also there were made some improvements in hotel's hotspot system.If you have entered hotel evropi's hotspot before , you remember the page where you were being asked for your username and password to be allowed to surf the internet.Thi...
2011-12-03 13:31
Dear friends.A little after we closed for the 2011 season , we started reshaping some apartments that their bathrooms were internally set and did not have windows. Those are apartments 14,15,24 and 25. These apartments are reshaped and their bathrooms will be moved in a different spot where it will...