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Bring your laptop at hotel evropi

The computer network of hotel evropi is ready.
Browse the internet through our wired network in the new expansion (room numbers starting with 3 and 4) ,  and through our wireless network in all of the hotel.
Here are ticket prices and descriptions:
ticket name price description
2 hours 4€ allows you to browse the internet for a total time of 2 hours. You can logout and then log back in whenever you like and spent any time there is left in your ticket
1 week
18€ allows you to browse the internet for 1 week  from the time you first login with this ticket. You don't have a time limit, you can browse as much as you like until your ticket expires.
2 weeks 30€ same as above but for for 2 weeks

So if you enjoy drinking your morning coffee and browse the internet at your balcony or at the pool bar , why not  throw this laptop in your suitcase !