Update: Booking system has been transferred to http://www.roomap.net/evropi/book and is constantly evolving!

Hotel evropi's booking system goes live!
This means that it is on ,  and you can book a room in hotel evropi without having to call us by phone.
Here are some brief instructions on how you can use it:

1. Go to http://www.roomap.net/evropi/book , fill in the dates you want to check availability for and press the Check Availability button on the bottom.
Booking System: check availability screenshot

2. You are then transferred to a "Availability results" page where you are presented the available rooms to book.
Booking System : availability results

Press the "Book it"  button on any of the rooms you wish to book.

3. You are then transferred to a page where you enter some basic personal information such as name and email.
Booking system : personal information
This includes your first,last name and an email address of yours.
As always press the  "Save and Continue" button on the bottom of the page.

4. You are transferred to page that summarizes your booking and has a button that transfers you to paypal.com where you pay in advance a deposit to complete your booking. Receiver of payment is PURE INGREDIENTS BOOKING SERVICES with email thkatsou@yahoo.gr  .
Booking system : Checkout

Press the paypal button on the bottom to be transferred to paypal.com .
Also note down the url of your booking that is mentioned on the bottom. After completing your payment  in paypal you will be redirected to this address where you can view the progress of your payment .

5. When you click the paypal button you are transferred to a page in www.paypal.com where you can choose to log in as paypal user (if you have a paypal account ) or use a credit card of yours directly.
booking system : paypal welcome

6. Enter any required information in paypal , review and accept the payment.
booking system paypal input

At the end you can press a button to return to roomap.net site where you can view the status of your booking.

For any questions or problems you may have , don't hesitate to contact us by email at the address info@hotelevropi.com